Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Watch It - An Inconvenient Truth

This is is former Vice-President Gore’s compelling movie about global warming. Here is my feeling on it. Worst case, he is totally offbase and he causes mass hysteria that motivates us to drastic changes which could have devastating economic effects in the short run by ultimately lowers our carbon emissions while at the same time reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and thus foreign oil. Best case – sounds weird considering what the ‘best’ case isn’t so great – we are really in trouble and the world that we rely on and love may become uninhabitable in an incredibly short span of time. Either way, I think it is our responsibility to at least expose ourselves to the information available and then be part of the solution, whichever one you think that may be. This could very well be the single most important, and apparently galvanizing, issuesof our lifetimes.


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