Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get It - Maxtor 1 Terrabyte Drive

Okay so I know this really isn't media as much as it is news about media storage but I had to post this if for nothing else but the fact that this is a kind of a milestone. Regular folks like you and I can get this little 6 lb. gem for $800 and it's a freakin’ Terabyte of storage!!!! Now granted you have been able to get a terabyte of storage for a whil but it is getting within in reasonable reach now. I remember a dedicated raid room back in my TV Post days just dedicated to the HALF terabyte array that cost thousands just to install much less buy. I also remember talking with my geek friends back in college about how you couldn't possibly need a gig of storage much less a terabyte! Yeah we were silly.

Check it out here.


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