Monday, October 02, 2006

Watch It - Virgin Galactic

This is a video showing what it may be like to be a passenger on the planned Virgin Galactic space flights. It's funny that I happened to find this video today because just yesterday my wife and I went to this meeting at a travel agency where they try to sell you on joining their vacation club. We only went because they gave you a 7 night cruise just for going and listening to their pitch. When we got there they had us fill out a form with some questions and one of the questions was "What is your dream vacation?" Being the wise-ass I am, I wrote down "going to the International Space Station." I wrote that down primarily to throw them off but it is truly one of my dreams so when I stumbled across this video I can't tell you how excited I got. There is only one small hurdle that I still have to overcome. It's $200,000 a ticket so for my wife and I to do it we would have to sell our house. But if that is the cost now, I have to think in 20 years or so it's going to be borderline reasonably priced... that is if the idea takes off. Check out their website here.


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