Sunday, July 23, 2006

Read It - Marvel Comics: Civil War

The one thing that grabbed me about comics as I was growing up was the thinly veiled social criticism that permiated a lot of the titles I loved. Civil War is about as thinly veiled as any comic has been in a long time. The basic plot is that, after a mutant blows up an elementary school, superheroes are considered to be "living weapons of mass destruction" and they are forced by the government to publicly register their identities. Some heroes, most notably Iron Man, agree to it while others, lead by Captain America, do not. Mayhem and great battles ensue. Within the pages of this series and the crossovers that are occuring in almost every series in the Marvel universe hard questions are being asked about the state of our freedoms after 9/11 and the subsequent signing of the Patriot Act.

Read about it here. (Warning possible Spoilers)


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