Friday, February 02, 2007

We're all screwed..... maybe

A new, more damning, report on the state of our ailing planet came out recently and the consensus is, that unless we do something drastic very soon, it may truly be too late for us, and by us they mean the entire human race. Even if we do make drastic changes now to cut down greenhouse gas emissions they still say that a rise in sea level is inevitable at this point which is great news for me and millions of others whose house, livelihood and community is only 5 feet above sea level. Here are some quotes from the press conference announcing the report:

"We are on the historic threshhold of the irreversible”

“We are now beyond a critical turning point in the debate: those who continue to ignore the threat and its causes, or invoke half-baked arguments to confuse and obstruct, will be doing the greatest disservice imaginable to current and future generations.”

"We want to see our grandchildren enjoy the earth too, don't we?"

“The implications of global warming over the coming decades for our industrial economy, water supplies, agriculture, biological diversity and even geopolitics are massive.”

Quotes were taken from this article.

At what point do you say that our failure to act in light of glaring evidence makes it pretty obvious that we don't deserve to survive? We have the evidence, we have the means, but yet still very few are willing to make the changes necessary. It is truly pathetic and a sad indication of our species’ lack of survival instinct. I guess having big brains is more of a curse than a blessing.