Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kids, Don't Take Drugs.

I always thought that being able to promote pharmaceuticals on TV and in print just reeked like week old cheese. Having worked in TV for a bit you get to see some of the motivations behind the people paid to create those ads and they are far from noble. Below is a quote for this article. It's definitely worth a read even though it is a thinly veiled pitch for the author's book. The book kind of sounds like a Fast Food Nation take on the drug industry.

"Pharmaceutical medicine, as practiced today, is a grand medical hoax involving the mainstream media, the FDA, drug companies, medical journals, medical schools and even M.D.s. They've all quietly agreed to do whatever it takes to maximize profits at the expense of public health, regardless of the science or the ethics involved. So-called "evidence-based medicine" has become modern-day quackery. Statin drugs, for example, have now been proven to offer absolutely no medical benefit whatsoever to women, with zero reduction in the risk of heart attacks or strokes. HRT drugs have been scientifically proven to actually cause breast cancer and heart attacks, not prevent them. Antidepressant drugs cause diabetes, and diabetes drugs cause liver damage. I could go on, but you get the point. "

Monday, January 29, 2007

Face Morphing

This is such a great idea. Using purely procedural methods to construct faces. It make any face or characture possible. Add to that the ability of the software to create a very close 3D representation of any 2D face and you have something groundbreaking.

Friday, January 19, 2007


There are prophetic moments that, in hindsight, define certain people. Here is Johnny Cash, country western star and the Man in Blck, contemplating what he will leave behind near the eve of his final farewell. The shots of his wife looking over him and the knowing look in her eyes are truly haunting. This is a masterpiece. A musical icon embracing not only new music, but his own inevitable mortality. When Cash recorded this song and video, he was gravely ill. To me this shows his acceptance of his fate, and the realization that, dispite the trappings of fame, he is only human. Frail, small, and forever humbled by the realities of the human journey. He was an artist in every sense of the word and I miss him.

Paint with Water

This is pretty amazing. Just check it out. Images and Words made with water.

Knives Out

Did I mention that Radiohead is life-changing?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Send Your Name Into Space

For just $35 you can get your name slapped on the side of a satellite and get a picture of it from orbit. Well, not sure about the picture, that may be extra.

Check it out here.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spleen United

This is a very cool Danish band that I have been listening to for a while. About to buy their record. Not sold in the states but it is available via a Danish Music store.

Well It's Official

I am now Track of the Day in Experimental Rock up on Garageband.com. Woohoo!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

WoW reaches country-like status

Stole this little tidbit from Bluesnews.com. World of Warcraft reached 8 million players recently which places it between Azerbaijan and Burundi. All I can say is holy cow what a behomoth. I have to say tho that I have tried to get into it, I spent a couple of months playing religiously everyday and I just couldn't get into it. I guess it's because unless your playing with friends or your in a guild, you just miss out on a lot of the cooler stuff. In City of Heroes, I generally play with pick up teams. They are easy to find and set up and I rarely have trouble starting one or getting into one. By contrast, in WoW I was never once asked to join a group of players I didn't know and as far as I could tell there wasn't an easy way to put it out there that I wanted to join a group. I did have friends that played but they were either way higher level than me or just on at different times. 'Tis a shame. Was fun at times.... just a major time sink.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yes! Now you too can go to MIT

MIT is putting all their courses online, for free, for anyone. All I can say is, wow. What an amazing opportunity for someone with masses of time on their hands and a brain the size of a watermelon.

Check it out here.

I Think I Am Having a Tech-Gasm

This is going to change everything.....

Monday, January 08, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion Update

My track "Afterthoughts" just received best guitars, keyboards, production and programming for the week of January 8th along with most original as well. It will also be the track of the day January 13th!

Lego Assembly Line.

This is a bit long but it is way cool.... in a geek kinda way. This is a Lego assembly line that actually constructs a little lego car.

McDonalds Rap

I love how towards the middle the McDonald's guy is like "I didn't catch anything after Big Mac can you throw it down again?" Priceless. Ofcourse then the McDonalds lady comes in and is all straight.... sigh.

Thanks Erik.

Sweet Multi-Touch Screen Setup

Coming soon to a computer near you!

Thanks Erik.
Check it out!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

So I never posted here about it before but I figured why not? Check out my tunes at garageband.com. Who knows? Maybe you will actually like them.