Friday, September 29, 2006

Star Wars Fix - Star Wars Bloopers 2

Because you can never have enough Star Wars bloopers:

Watch It - Bush Top 10 Thoughts

Not a lot to say about this one.

Listen to it - Guthrie Govan Fusion Shred

Yes, another Guthrie Govan clip. Sue me. This guy rocks.

Read It - The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell: An Accidental Soldiers's Account of the War in Iraq

I have never wanted to read a true account of war. I never had the desire to but I felt like I had to at least be able to get a sense of what it must be like for the people that are over there fighting. I liked this book ... as much as I am able to like a book that is about such a horrible subject. The thing that struck me the most is that a lot of the crap they deal with is the same kind of annoying/stupid/stressful stuff everybody deals with at their job. The difference is when somebody screws up in a war it could mean your life, or the life of one of your friends. Layed out as a collection of short stories, this book humanizes not only the troops we have sent to Iraq, but the regular people of Iraq that are caught right in the middle of the conflict.

Get it here.

Watch It - Fight Club

I know I raved about the book a while back and for once I want to rave about a movie adaptation that doesn't actually destroy a great book. This is one of those book adaptations that actually manages to augment and add to the things that made the book great.

Read It - Fields Medal Winner Says No

I think this guy needs to get out more. Who rejects one of the most prestigious awards in the scientific community?

Read about it here

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Listen To It - So If You Happen to Like Rammstein... will love this. This is the new project from Rammsteins principle songwriter and guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein. More good news... the vocals are in English. More poppy maybe than Rammstein but there is no doubt that this is heavily influenced by Rammstein. Give it a listen. It's pretty sweet.

Listen to a snippet of the first single here. You can listen and download the entire song but you have to register to get it. Can you guess whether I registered or not? ;)

Hey you there! Read this!

So It's been an awfully long time since I posted anything so I figured I would make up for it by posting way too much. This will probably be the way of things for a while since I am getting a lot busier lately and generally have less reasonable chunks of time to upload. So I am basically gathering all my blog posts together in a spreadsheet and mass-posting when I can.

By the way, if anybody knows of software that will auto-upload blogs to Blogspot from a spreadsheet or some form of database I would love to know about it!

Read It - Free Music Downloads With A Catch

This is a pretty great idea and I really hope it takes off. Basically the idea is that the music that you download will be paid for by the advertisement on the site that you are downloading it from. The catch? You can't burn them to CD.

Read about it here.

Watch It - First MTV Broadcast

This is pretty cool. It's interesting to see just how simple and humble MTV's beginnings were.

Watch It - Frank Lloyd Wright Meets Half Life 2

This is a recreation of the the Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water using the Half Life 2 engine. It is a spectacular example of Wrights style. I wish that I had gone to see it while I still lived up north. My wife and I did get to tour Taliesin West, his winter home in Pheonix, which was very cool though.

Watch It - Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave

Whoa what a strange pairing. He is a suicidal dark depressing song writer and she sang Do the Locomotion. I mean what the hell? Surprisingly it works.... kinda. This song is off Murder Ballads a thoroughly morose and disturbing album.

Watch It - Superman, How It Should Have Ended

This is freakin hilarious and so spot on. I love it. The part with Batman's utility belt is priceless.

Watch it - Drawing

I love watching people draw. Thought you might too.

Watch It - Tsunami

Warning: Explicit Material

This is just downright scary. This is not particularly graphic but I wouldn't watch it if there are kids around since there are a lot of paniced voices in the background. This is the first footage that I have seen that really made me feel like a got an idea of what it's like to be caught in a tsunami wave. It just makes me feel more sympathy for all those poor people.

Watch It - Fascism in America

This is pretty scary stuff. I actually stumbled across this a little while back but it took my friend Bud to get me to post about it. Check it out and form your own conclusions.

Watch It - Great Song, Horrible Video.

All I can say is... Wow. Wow what an awesome tune and wow are they not photogenic. You think these guys would have made it today? Doubtful, and thats a real shame because they rock.

Watch It - Christian Lorenz Scheurer, Illustrator

Wow I wish I could draw. And if I could draw really really well, I would want this guys job. Great stuff on his site from Superman Returns stuff to Spore stuff.

Check him out here.

Watch It - Boston Legal

Boston Legal is about to come back for a new season and I have to say that if you have never watched it you owe it to yourself to at least watch one episode. It is great writing and it is right on top of some of the most important issues of our times.

9/11 Fix - What Bush May Have Known

Another post about that terrible day. This one seems a bit questionable. It's set up as a newscast which it obviously isn't which always makes me suspicious. It does bring up some interesting questions but I have to believe that if Bush really knew how dire the situation was before he sat down to talk with those kids in that classroom he just wouldn't have done it. That photo-op is just not that important.

9/11 Fix - 9/11 Revisited

So I am starting a category called "9/11 Fix" with this post because there are just so many interesting videos and article related to the events of that terrible day and I seem to find and post a lot of them. Here is a talk by the author of The The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.

Watch It - Is He Really That Stupid?

Glad somebody is finally trying to quantify how stupid our fearless leader actually is.

Watch It - Photo Fraud

It's kind of amazing to me that this just now is becoming an issue that is getting some attention. This has been going on for years. The difference is that the smoking picture is just incredibly badly edited. I mean a monkey using MS Paint could have done better. The reality too is that if you are looking at a picture printed in a magazine that has been edited by someone who knows what they are doing you would never be able to tell its a forgery. Granted when you make stupid mistakes like using the same person to represent a rescuer and a dead guy there is not a whole lot you can do.

Watch It - Will Ferral on The Daily Show

It's Will Ferral. It's Jon Stewart. They talk to each other. They make us laugh. Just watch it.

Watch It - George Carlin Two-fer

George Carlin is a very wise man and a very wise ass. You gotta love him. Here he pokes fun at the degradation of our natural resources.



Via: VideoSift

Guitar Geek Fix - Dominic Frasca

Yes it's another acoustic guitar tapping madman. This guy spices it up a bit by playing some unusual guitars. Worth a listen and a watch. Prepare to be humbled.

Watch it - The Science of Sleep

Having watched The Motorcycle Diaries with the same leading man and really liking that film, I guess I am a bit biased about this one. And it looks deliciously surreal which always tickles my fancy. Reminds me a little of Rushmore.

Watch It - Renaissance

It looks like "Sin CIty" meets "1984." Like the stark black and white. Could be worth laying down some cash to see on the big screen.

Watch It - Garden State

Zach Braff is a genius. He does a great acting job and he wrote a downright beautiful script about waking up and realizing you have let your life be molded by others and not yourself. It shows how one event can define you in ways that reach into every thread of your life and how, if you step back and look, it is so easy to change it. The hard part is deciding to change it. A great soul searching movie with perfect music choices, great cinematography and wonderful casting. Natalie Portman, who usually annoys me, is wonderful in this movie and is a great vessel of expression for the feelings that Zach Braff's character is too emotionally stunted from a lifetime on anti-depressants to express. Rent this great movie.

Watch It - Keith Olbermann Slams Bush

Just like Lou Dobbs, Keith seems to have a thing or two to get off his chest. I love how so many of the people that Bush has appointed to high level posts are being rewarded for doing a bad job. These guys were the reason the phrase "failing your way to the top" exists today.

Watch It - Lou Dobbs Slams Bush

This is awesome. A nice verbal smackdown of our Commander in Chief. Its amazing that something so glaringly illegal has been done by the Bush administration over 800 times! It's just amazing. Lou just rips on him. I think he just threw "impartiality" right out of the window before this interview.

Watch It - Hammerhead Attacks a Tarpon

Until I moved to Florida I was never freaked out by fish. Then I went canal fishing and I saw some of the monsters that are lirking in those waters. They are freakin huge. The hammerhead is no slouch either but luckily you don't see too many of those in the canals. Just gotta watch that you don't loose a leg from a lurking alligator.