Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Watch It - Who Killed the Electric Car Trailer

So this looks like on of those movies that you have to watch just to at least formulate an opinion on the subject. I am glad this movie has been made because I think it's an important story to tell.

Watch It - Controller or Torture Device

What the Hell was Sega thinking? God I hope the Wii controller isn't like this. I don't think it willl be because this is just the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

Watch it here.

Star Trek Fix - Spock Calls Kirk a Schmuck

So I watched the Shatner Roast the other night. At an hour and 30 minutes in, it was just starting to get good and then my DVR stopped playback. It turns out that I guess it ran late or something so I missed the ending of it. I was pissed. So I recorded it again last night. I was more hopeful this time because, according to my DVR, it was 2 hours and 30 minutes. My wife and I go to sit down and watch it tonight and we are all excited. What did it tape? The first hour was other crap. The last hour and 30 minutes? The exact same part it recorded last time. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Watch It - 21st Century Graffiti

I almost think Graffiti is too harsh a word for what these guys do. Most of it is very non-destructive, unlike the traditional spray painted graffiti we all know (and mostly) hate. This stuff is more like performance art and, at the very least, takes street art to a new very cool place. This group calls themselves Graffiti Research Lab.

Watch some of it here.

Thanks for the link Erik.

Watch It - All is Full of Love

While Bjork does annoy me 90% of the time, this is a pretty cool video and song. Check it out. Oh and there are no swan dresses anywhere in the video, in case you were wondering.

Watch It - The Fountain Trailer

I am a sucker for these types of movies. Immortallity, cool visuals and a good story (maybe). What can go wrong? You be the judge.

Get It - Spiffy New Dell

Well we all know that Dell needs all the help it can get right now. Maybe if they get this sweet baby to market soon their financial woes may be a thing of the past?

Listen To It - Man of Constant Sorrow, The Good and the Bad

Some things truly do get better with time. Below is two versions of the song "Man of Constant Sorrow." One good and one (in my opinion) pretty bad. You decide which is which. The first one is Dylan's performance of it. It is actually his first televised performance ever. The second is from the movie "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou."

The movie version:

The Dylan version:

Monday, August 21, 2006

Watch It - Fractal Powers of Ten

If you liked Powers of Ten the other day you will like this. It basically illustrates the infinite nature of fractals. Its very cool and trippy.

Watch It - Two Views on Israel and Lebanon

So this is a touchy subject. I generally don't like to talk about this because I honestly am not convinced that I know that whole story so my opinions on the subject are based more on my gut than hard facts. I did find two videos though that I think may illustrate the desires and fears that drive both sides in the conflict. Both of them are about the history of the peoples in each country.

The Israel video:

The Lebanon video:

Watch It - God Help Me I Live in Florida

It is a painful truth. I live in Florida. Why does that bug me?

Watch this video to find out.

Via: VideoSift

Read It - PC's 25 Best, Tech's 25 Worst

This is a pretty cool pair of articles. One is the 25 best PC's of all time while the other is the 25 worst tech products for PC's. I hate to say that I have been burned by several of the software entries but at least I owned a couple of the better PC's!

Read the 25 Best PC's here.

Read the 25 Worst Tech Products here.

Watch it - The Chernobyl Ghost Town

This is kinda long and a bit heavy on the art and light on the content at times but it is a fascinating glimpse into the irradiated city that surrounds the Chernobyl plant. It just looks like everybody just dropped what they were doing and left. It is very strange to think that we as a race are able to create places on this planet, that through our carelessness, we can make uninhabitable for thousands of years.

Watch It - Two Opposing Views on 9/11

I offer these to videos for your consideration. I figure I might as well post them both for you guys so you can debate the pro's and con's of each view. I can't claim that I fully believe either but I will say that the fundamental scientific proof the contradicts official version of the events of that day are what they are, whether they were indeed data-fitted after the fact. It also bothers me that there is little or no mention, much less explanation, of what happened to WTC 8 in the 9/11 commission report. This building imploded from fire. That is just unheard of. So here are the two opposing views

9/11 was a coverup:

9/11 could not have been a coverup:

Watch It - Guthrie Govan - Fives

So I just posted the Guthrie Govan Shred post and then I found this! This is just ridiculous! I hate (read: am jealeous of) this dude!

Listen To It - Guthrie Govan Shred

This dude just plays anything and everything and just rocks it all. This one is for all you guitar nuts out there. This just gives me goosebumps!

Listen to It - Livin' on a Prayer Acoustic Instrumental

A nice version of one of those songs that you either love or hate. Judging from my days playing bars in a cover band, everyone who likes this song goes to bars. This is a pretty cool version of it.

Star Wars Fix - Jive Talkin' Vader

Well I always felt that Vador in the original trilogy needed a little more personality. This video definitely fleshes him out a bit more. I always figured Vador was from the streets. Finally we get the true story! The new trilogy is all white washed propaganda!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Watch It - Powers of Ten

Will Wright, the creator of Spore talks about this movie as one of the two major inspirations for the game. The other is the SETI project. I saw this in science class when I was a kid and I always loved it.

Watch It - The IAVA

IAVA stands for The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. This is a little film about them and their attempts to get their issues heard which is tough nowadays with the major media networks taking a particularly sterilized view of the war. It's interesting to note how a lot of them feel like America is apathetic towards the war. I think unfortunately that is generally true. That makes me think about the veterans that came home from Vietnam. They were spit at and called baby killers which is awful of course, but how must it feel to come home to an apathetic country? What kind of a welcome is that?

Get It - Maxtor 1 Terrabyte Drive

Okay so I know this really isn't media as much as it is news about media storage but I had to post this if for nothing else but the fact that this is a kind of a milestone. Regular folks like you and I can get this little 6 lb. gem for $800 and it's a freakin’ Terabyte of storage!!!! Now granted you have been able to get a terabyte of storage for a whil but it is getting within in reasonable reach now. I remember a dedicated raid room back in my TV Post days just dedicated to the HALF terabyte array that cost thousands just to install much less buy. I also remember talking with my geek friends back in college about how you couldn't possibly need a gig of storage much less a terabyte! Yeah we were silly.

Check it out here.

Listen To It - E-Pro by Beck

Okay, so I thought I was a good Beck fan but somehow I missed that fact that he released an album LAST YEAR! Damnit! All that time to listen to it that I will never get back again. From listening to this song it sounds like it's not Mutations'ish unfortunately, but luckily it's about as far away from Sea Change as you can get!

Watch It - Russian Sweet Home Alabama

Okay I thought that the Japanese took the crown for the wackiest musical acts but this is pretty darn close on the wacky scale. Nothing like Sweet Home Alabama with an army chorus and guys who look like they came out of a drug dream gone bad.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Watch It - Beeker's Got Feelings

Beaker sings feelings like only Beeker ever could.

Watch It - Ben & Jerry's Oreo Surprise

While I think his presentation doesn't do a whole lot for his crediblity, the message is pretty eye openning. The kicker is what our enemies spend on defense as compared to us. That is really surprising. Perhaps we are really bad at getting a good deal on arms? And the BB's thing? Just freakin scarey.

(Thanks Liz)

Another Star Wars Fix - The Star Wars Holiday Special

Okay. This looks just horrible. Its like "All in the Family" with Wookies. Damn ILM definitely dumbed down their skills for the costumes too. I am sure if you were 5 at the time it was great to watch but I feel for the adults that had to sit through it.

Star Wars Fix - First Ever Star Wars Trailer

It's amazing how lame it is without John Williams' score. Its also pretty apparent that sound effects hadn't been done for a lot of the shots. Really interesting to watch for what it doesn't have more than what it does have. I also noticed that Darth never speaks. Maybe James Earl wasn't onboard yet?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Watch It - Those Fins Know Their Polka!

The Fins are a strange bunch to begin with but wait til you get them writing Polkas! For some strange reason this reminded me of a happy-go-lucky version of Balanese Kechak Dance music. Finnish Polka music. It's wacky and worth a view.

(Thanks Erik.)

Watch It - New Sand Drawings

Like many of you, I watched the sand drawing video that was floating around the 'net a few months back. I found another one that is really cool. Check it out.

Watch It - Transformers Then and Now

OK, I admit it. I loved Transformers when I was a kid but I gotta be honest, it blows my mind that Steven Speileberg is Executive Producing a full length feature with Michael Bay directing.... about robots that transform into cars, guns and tape players. It boggles the mind.

Then I found this really cool video of Transformers and no, its not the Transformers movie teaser that's floating around so who knows. Maybe they will make something cool? And for comparison, I also found an original Transformers show segment for comparison.

The new Transformers.

The old Transformers.

Watch It - Urban Warfare in Iraq

I am reading a book right now called "The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell" about a soldier in Iraq and what he experienced while he was there. It really gives you the unglossied reality of what the situation is like for many soldiers over there. Politics aside, you have to support them because they are going through hell. This video is only 3 minutes long. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be there 24 hours a day.

Watch It - Fatboy Slim Digs Spore

So I am guessing whoever directed this video has seen the Spore videogame demo. The similarities are just to striking. Good video and interesting song nonetheless though.